• Inverted Vent Check Valves

    Venting improves the efficiency of loading and unloading cargo by eliminating dangerous pressure of vacuum buildup. Inverted vent check valves add a measure of security, preventing deck wash, deck fire and debris from traveling through the vent.

  • Inverted Vent Check Valves - Standard Components

    Sold each

    • Body - Available in cast iron, bronze, or aluminum with internal N.P.T. threads.
    • Float - Available in spun copper for the iron and bronze valves. Stainless steel floats are available for the aluminum valves.
    • Float Stop - Precision cast iron, bronze or aluminum to locate the ball.
    • Fire Screen - Stainless steel 30 x 30 x 0.12 fine mesh screen.
    • Retaining Ring - Available in cast iron, bronze or aluminum. The retaining ring is also used for a spacer between the fire screen and debris screen.
    • Debris Screen - Galvanized screens for iron and bronze valves. Stainless steel screens for the aluminum valves with a coarse #4 mesh x 0.029 opening.